7th Day Shabbat

Our walk in restoration really fired up when we asked the Holy Spirit/Ruach YHWH to support and help us to observe the Sabbath day. If you are near us a good way to introduce yourself to Shalom House is to attend our regular Friday Night drop in, Kiddush blessing, meal and Bible Study starting at 6.00 P.M. We often have eight or more nationalities around the table. Our Saturday afternoon meetings are often the spiritual pinnacle of the week, featuring at least an hour of intense thanksgiving, praise and worship and then a study of the New Covenant.


Keeping the Feasts


We felt the Almighty wanted us to support those who wanted to observe the Feasts in their New Covenant context. We initiated a Covenant Passover meal for those who had completed a Passover Preparation Course. We were traumatised when some people withdrew from fellowship over this point but were blessed when a senior prophetic man and his wife were directed (we believe by YHWH) to do the course and enjoyed the observation of Passover for the first time.  We determined we would commit ourselves to Feasters by providing a meeting on the Sabbath rest days of every Feast  declared  in Leviticus 23 to be the Feasts of YHWH.We also celebrate the First of Aviv. the New Year of YHWH’s lunar based calendar.



Have Zeal –Will Travel


A group of Methodists drawn from four Nottingham area churches who came to attend a Passover outreach meeting we held there a while ago. We are available for presentations featuring music, dance and teaching on the Feasts and Sabbaths.