The Aleph Course

After over twenty years as part of YHWH’s restoration movement and around thirteen years as ordained ministers we  felt the need for a well rounded course which would support  our Whole-Bible Messianic discipleship programmes and so we collaborated over two years to produce the Aleph Course. Each page of study of the Aleph  Courses is followed by a work sheet  based on it for the participant to fill in . We work on the course with a variety of  students from   different nations and cultural backgrounds, often online via Skype and OoVoo. The hope is that many we teach will in turn become teachers!!!!09

The first part of the Aleph Course is designed to lead the individual to appreciate their need for repentance and a personal  Saviour.

The second part can be considered an encouragement either to review the great transformation available in the Baptism of Yahshua or to prepare us to receive it.

In the third part of the course we are enabled to share in the promises of Yahweh to His people, culminating in participation in Yahshua’s Supper in greater depth and with more understanding of it’s original meaning. We have also produced:

Israel Replaced or Restored?

An investigation from Genesis to Revelations. Is there a valid way to understand the Bible without the deeply rooted concept that the Church has replaced Israel?  The booklet, which is designed to form the basis of a series of Bible studies, equips the reader to decide for themselves the significance

Towards a Biblical Standard: Personal life, Courtship, Engagement and Marriage:

Discussed honestly from a “Whole Bible” perspective. Suitable for young people, the booklet offers a practical and achievable model for the sexual behaviour of Bible Believers.

Britain in the Balance: The Judgement on the Nations:

When the Messiah returns all nations will be brought before Him for judgement on the basis of how they have treated His people, Judah, Israel and those called out of the Gentiles. On what issues will that judgement be based and how should we pray, watch and behave in the light of this?

The Holy Names:

A study booklet examining in simple terms the theological and spiritual significance of the original Hebrew names of the Father and the Son, and looking briefly at the range of evidence and supporting the reader in making a choice as to what to use

Eldership, Covering and the Role of Women:

We examine how the principals of headship and head covering inform the eldership roles of men and women in the Renewed Covenant. We ask and attempt to resolve the question: “ From a whole Bible perspective, are  eldership roles, i.e. the oversight of Messiah’s Body, gender specific ?” We examine the issue of the spiritual shield which should be provided for women.

Messiah & No Man Can See the Father.:

What the Rabbis really believed about the Messiah when they were not reacting against Christianity.