Loving The Stranger


It was a painful day for our flesh when YHWH asked us to take up the very unpopular ministry of “loving the stranger” by housing failed asylum seekers who had nowhere to stay and no resources. Can I say at the outset we have only helped those we believe to be genuine asylum seekers who have the right to be considered as refugees from racial, religious or other intense persecution. We began with four ladies, an Eritrean Catholic, an Eritrean Orthodox Church lady, an Ethiopian Muslim, and a young Somali Muslim girl of seventeen. Bear in mind that Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea were often in a state of war with each other and some of the ladies had lost many family members in the troubles. I haven’t the space to tell you more about that extreme year or so but it led on to helping a great variety of men and women from many nations. There are however remarkable highlights in this work for example a Kurdish Muslim young man staying with us ecstatically joining in the dance, praise and worship on Friday nights & another Muslim lady attended an anointed Sabbath service and telling us it was “really great”. Shalom House extended it’s services to sponsoring and sometimes offering(!) legal advice, financing transport for a lady’s fiancée who was in danger of death and enabling a refugee to gain a masters degree. How do we finance it ? I remember one Chechnyan lady refusing to believe we were not receiving Government £’s for housing her !!!

The House of Israel

Some years ago now we discovered the importance of the House of Israel (Northern Tribes) to our Saviour.We received further encouragement when YHWH engineered our encounter with Ali the Afghan Pashtun Muslim Israelite: Please don’t hate Muslims as many Israelites are at present behind the veil of Islam ! We read in our Bibles that Israel would come back from the cities of the Medes in Assyria and noted the closeness to Israel of the DNA of the Kurds, and about one quarter of the Ethiopians and Eritreans indicated Israelite origins as well as (of course) the Falashas. YHWH directed us to:

House Kurdish and Ethiopian Failed Asylum Seekers in Shalom House-see above.
Help with Kurdish Community projects.
YHWH has been moving and has miraculously helped us to restore three Kurdish families where the wife was trapped abroad outside her home country and unable to come to UK. After we prayed, the Government in each case found missing papers, changed it’s mind and dropped the opposition and the -court case against the Kurdish wives. Sarah and Murad Majidi had children who were citizens but they themselves were not allowed to become citizens and could not visit their aged parents abroad.

We simply wrote a letter to the Government and prayed and amazingly again YHWH moved and the Govt. allowed Sarah and Murad, who are Kurdish religious leaders, to become citizens.

3. Support local Eritreans and Ethiopian community church groups in many ways as well as promoting to them a Hebraic, whole Bible based faith through preaching, sharing Bible studies and providing Children’s Bible School and socializing together.