Meet M&K

Hello and welcome to Shalom House,

Meet  Mike and Keturah

In June 1986, then a Jewish Buddhist, I was invited to translate some Messianic prophecies from the original Hebrew to aid the Bible study of some earnest churchgoing ladies.  Suddenly I saw clearly that the 53rd Chapter of the Book of Isaiah depicted the atoning death and resurrection of Israel’s Messiah.  Attending meetings with Keturah and her friends  I became acutely aware during worship of my moral sickness and need for repentance, which led on to the experience of a radical spiritual change in my heart condition, nothing less than a new birth from above.

Our friendship bloomed and we planned to marry and set up a Godly household and observe a weekly Sabbath Day. We searched the scripture and enquired: “Which Sabbath should be observed?” Yahweh clearly directed us to keep the 7th day with the support and guidance of His Spirit. We found a Sabbath keeping fellowship in the North East which was an offshoot of the Congregation of Yahweh  (headquarters in Nottingham) and our journey of discovery continued under the inspired teaching of Peter Warsop its founder, and his team.

On Shavuot/Pentecost 1991 the Almighty blessed  me with a profound experience of Spirit Baptism and sanctification and a direct encounter with Yahweh. We grew increasingly interested in the form of faith and culture lived out by Yahshua’s first followers. Mike and Keturah aim to encourage the establishment of households and communities where the understanding of Yahshua’s New Covenant and the taking of His  Supper will irradiate the home with holiness, preparing us to be part of the One Israelite Bride of Yahshua (as outlined in Ephesians 2:11-22 & 5:21-33).  The many and varied outworking of our aims will be briefly illustrated in the other pages. We hope that in the end:

Herein is the perseverance of the Saints, those who keep the Commandments of Elohim and the Faith of Yahshua” (Rev.14:12)