Tanfield Lea


At Tanfield Lea Community Centre Good Street, 15 miles south of Shalom House Newcastle we have held what we call an Encouragement Meeting fortnightly for many years. It features thanksgiving praise and worship and a study on a Biblical theme in which each person participates. This meeting links into a Bible study at a local house and some street evangelism –with-music at nearby Stanley Market.




A family has opened their home for meetings which are all child friendly and feature thanksgiving, praise, worship, Hebrew dancing and participation on percussion and a supporting work for kids featuring an edifying  Bible story often with puppets.

Attenders share their Bible-based views with us all on the theme.


The meeting has been well attended since it began and some participants have taken up the opportunity to share an Aleph Discipleship Course online. At present we visit twice a month and this is an exciting start to what may be a community in the making. We are about to begin teaching on YHWH’s Feasts.


Samuel Teklegiorghis

Advised and helped us in our support for the Eritrean community and supplied us with fascinating historical and cultural details of the Mosaic nature of Tigrinya highland culture and the presence of Israelite tribes in Eritrea. In turn supporters of Shalom House helped to fund his Masters Degree in Refugee Studies and Community Development.


Theological Repair Line

  • We have seen with great concern and much grief friends losing their balance and becoming mere Pharasaic Jews who have abandoned their faith in Yahshua the Messiah.
  • We have also seen the unfruitfulness that results from over emphasis on “identity issues.”
  • We affirm that there are Ten Commandments, none of which are done away with-indeed either “they break you or you break them!” . We believe it is vital to gain insight into the role of the Spirit of YHWH in this area.
  • If you are in  trouble with these or other topics you could contact the Theological Repair Line preferably between 9 A.M. and 9 P.M. on  07763350602. Ask for it by name.