Shalom House has some  trusted international links to friends who are supporting Jewish people with a deep understanding of YHWH’s purposes for Israel and the individual Israelite. We would encourage you to support their efforts –Contact details below.

Messianic Congregation Or HaMashiach in Cluj-Napoca, Romania:

Levi Purje travels 100 Kilometres each  way every Shabbat to minister to this Messianic Jewish congregation. It comes as a surprise to many that there are Jewish people living in rural locations in Rumania.

Contact Details: Levi Purje: 0040744595736




Motti Klimer and Arthur from Sabra. Sabra helps and encourages Jewish people in far-flung places such as Siberia to return to the land of Israel and  leads them back to their roots through scripture teaching and sharing in Shabbat and festivals and lets them know their Messiah. Sabra House’s excellent work includes feeding and clothing the underprivileged Jewish people around it’s home base of Afula

Contact Details UK: Arthur:01202-777213

Lady Caroline Centre, Northern Uganda:


The children’s centre in Patongo, in the Pader district of Northern Uganda  was set up  in 2007 through the assistance of the UK based charitable foundation Hart to offer care and protection to  orphaned vulnerable children. The programme is engaged in providing basic health care, early childhood education, food, social support and psychological help to around 400 children aged between 2 and 8 years of age. Many. of these have been found to be HIV positive and the centre provides all the specialised help and training required to respond to these and other health issues with the help of it’s partners. The centre is directed by our long term ally and friend Raymond Okot seen here with Lady Caroline Cox.

Contact Details: Raymond Okot:07589718882