What Goes on

01Shalom House is a family home where we have many varied events meetings  and functions  as a drop-in centre for many nationalities previous residents, old friends and visitors. There’s always a cuppa ready in our large friendly kitchen and we are always having intense discussions and family friendly socials there. We have a large house with many rooms  faciititating a variety of  Bible–based events including;

  • Games evenings
  • Bible School for 5-15’s
  • Hebrew Classes
  • Music events and tuition
  • Cooking and food activities
  • Craft and art activities
  • Feast celebrations and Passover meals
  • Friday night Kiddush and Saturday Sabbath meetings
  • Bible studies and many more.

We are ideally placed in the multi-ethnic West End of Newcastle opposite a wonderful park, very well served by bus services and 25mins walk to Newcastle Central. It is a humble, even slightly crumbling yet special place where  the Lord God, Yahweh has chosen to bring an ongoing restoration of His truth to people of many nations and is a communal home, drop in and “Whole Bible” teaching centre. In a small way we are also a refuge for homeless asylum seekers. We are located in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne and want to help support people who Yahweh is calling into a closer, more Biblical walk with Him and who are developing and deepening their relationship with His Son.